A business has a lot of sensitive and confidential information to guard. Not only this, the safety of the associates is the responsibility of the business. Thus, security is a key concern, rather it must be a priority, for every business irrespective of its nature or the scale at which it operates. HID proximity access control cards might be just what you need to add a buffer of security at your workplace. These simple plastic cards allow you to setup a full-proof security system minus the complexity and the additional costs.

In order to take full advantage of the security features of HID proximity security cards, it is essential to first understand what HID security cards are and how the system works. An HID card has a special microprocessor inserted into the plastic card that can be read by a Radio Frequency (RF) reader. When the card is printed, it is encoded using an encoder which could be an ID card printer. The microprocessor has personal information about the card holder stored on it. The information included is unique to every organization’s format. When run below a reader, the information stored on the microprocessor on the HID proximity access control cards is exchanged with the system and the identity of the person is verified.

With such as security system in place, you can effectively control the movement of employees and associates around your company location, allowing easy access to certain areas while restricting access in unauthorized zones. One can do this by installing security checkpoints at places of entry or by setting up electric locks capable of reading HID proximity cards.

Now that we’ve given you a brief on how the system works, it is time to turn your attention to the features that add to its efficiency. The first is the amount of information you can embed into the card. On the face of it, the company can print personal details such as the name, title and photograph. By means of a magnetic strip, embedded chip or barcode, one can feed more sensitive, security-relevant information that can be accessed only via a card reader. Second, you get a birds-eye view of who is moving where on your company premises. This is because the software on each HID proximity access control card not only lets you verify the identity of associates but also enables you to record their locations as they move to and fro. Third, despite its varied functionalities, it is among the most cost-effective solutions for a company looking to establish a security setup that is hard to intercept.

The information documented by the reader software will help you keep a watch on security checkpoints and identify loopholes that could jeopardize your company’s security, allowing for timely remediation. So, to start taking advantage of this system, it is important to invest in the right software and ID card printer. Do your due diligence and look for a reliable resource that will provide you with all the technological tools you need to maximize your security opportunities.

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