Simple Solutions To Your Card Printing Problems

thermal-card-printer-500x500The task of getting the best HID access cards printed does not end at shopping for the best or the most popular ID card printer. After all, it is a machine and demands regular upkeep. Brands known for their premium quality printers too experience technical snags, if not maintained well. However, it needn’t bother you as there are solutions to overcome these trivial problems and complete the printing task at hand. The following two are the most common ones: 

  1. Printer ribbon breakage :

Imagine! You’ve spent hours designing the layout for the ID security card, have gathered and verified custom information including data and photographs of the persons you are creating cards for and have transferred the information to the ID card software. You are just about to print the cards and the printer ribbon breaks. It happens often and its annoying because the breaking of the ribbon means no more printing at least until its fixed. What should you do?

Do not remove and toss it into the bin. To start with, roll the ribbon forward. This way you can use it to print cards till it is completely used up. You can do the same if the ribbon is jammed midway.

If the printer ribbon keeps breaking, it is an indication that it is time for a routine cleaning. HID proximity card printers are easy to attract dust and debris. Every printer comes with a special cleaning kit in the package. To prevent ribbon breaks, make sure you clean the device periodically especially between ribbon changes and if it has not been used for long.

You might also want to review the card design. Designs that print too close to the edge or over the edge or make use of extremely dark colors (as they increase the heat) could also result in the ribbon breaking.

  1. Non-Functional Barcodes :

This is one of the commonly reported post-printing problems. The scanner is unable to read the barcode printed on the ID security card.  An incorrect driver setting is a possible reason for this problem. The printer has to be set to the correct code page before hitting the print command. However, when this is not done, the printer goes with the default settings and the wrong barcode gets printed.

The right process to be used in printing ID cards is the true resin black process and not the composite process. If you are unsure which printing process you use, after printing a card gently draw out the ribbon from the printer and inspect the panel carefully. If you observe a barcode like imprint at different places on the panel, it is clear you are using the composite printing process and it is not allowing the scanner to read your barcode.

To remedy the problem, go to Printing Settings -> Select K-resin black -> Click Apply. Save the new settings and continue with the printing task.

Shop for Supreme Brands

While you can use these two solutions to work around the printer problems, you can reduce the need to use them by going for top notch HID access card printer brands. There’s Fargo, Zebra Printer and Evolis to name a few. They are brands known for their excellent quality and reliability. You will however still need to maintain them properly. There are a number of high quality, cheap printers available online that you can settle for such as the Zebra Printer.

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