Providing security on a college or university campus is a challenge in itself. This is because there is a dual objective to fulfill. First, you have to control physical access to buildings. Second, there is a need for logical security. There is a lot of sensitive information on the internal networks that must be secured so as to keep it from getting into the wrong hands. Fulfilling these security needs seems easy; however, educational institutions are not always in a position to do so because of their stringent budgets, where there is a constant need to cut operational costs. At the same time, the security solutions adopted should not impede the convenience and functionality of the campus. Also, to add, every educational institution has a unique set of requirements and challenges.

Proximity cards have helped authorities keep their campuses safe in a cost-effective manner. They have proved to be quite successful in such settings.

If you are looking for a practical solution, the HID iClass contactless high frequency smart cards are a truly diverse solution. They go one-step ahead of ID security cards with the magnetic stripe as it is virtually impossible to copy and manipulate information on a HID contactless card; it is a major drawback on a magnetic stripe card. They distinguish themselves for the standard proximity cards as they combine a variety of functions such as physical access, payment functions and identification providing a more comprehensive solution. It is possible to use a single card for a range of applications.

Using a smart card technology, colleges and universities are able to monitor a range of student and staff activities including physical access to buildings, offices and events, maintaining students cantina tabs, laundry funds and library access. The 13861ggmn cards allow you to print custom artwork using an ID card printer. This gives you one more reason to use them as campus ID cards.

In today’s basic and advanced campuses with complex security solutions, smart proximity cards come across as an affordable and easily manageable option. It might cost you to migrate to contactless smart cards; however, looking at it in the larger picture it is only a fraction of the long-term cost savings one can enjoy. It is more convenient, low-maintenance and highly efficient in terms of management. The only main condition is that you get your hands on a good ID card printer and the good news is that they have really matured in the past few decades whether it is design, operation, performance and maintenance. It is easier to change printer ribbon with most being integrating an easy, drop-in cartridge.

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