Providing security on a college or university campus is a challenge in itself. This is because there is a dual objective to fulfill. First, you have to control physical access to buildings. Second, there is a need for logical security. There is a lot of sensitive information on the internal networks that must be secured so as to keep it from getting into the wrong hands. Fulfilling these security needs seems easy; however, educational institutions are not always in a position to do so because of their stringent budgets, where there is a constant need to cut operational costs. At the same time, the security solutions adopted should not impede the convenience and functionality of the campus. Also, to add, every educational institution has a unique set of requirements and challenges. Continue reading

Understanding Proximity Cards

HID Proximity Card SystemA proximity card is a contactless smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device. Proximity cards are part of the contactless card technologies. Proximity cards are identity cards that empower vicinity innovation in its every day capacities. Because of the conveniency and dependability of these cards, they have ended up broadly utilized for access control entryways as a part of office structures, contactless payment systems, public transit, and different businesses.

HID proximity cards are proximity cards provided by the HID worldwide corporation, which is a foremost overall brand in the business. These cards are famously utilized for access control and different capacities, for example, worker ID and public transportation. HID cards use radio frequencies, or a unique chip implanted into ID cards. They are encoded after printing with the utilization of a unique encoder. The encoded data is held in a tiny radio receivers inserted in the cards. A card reader confirms the data encoded in the card’s RFID antenna. One of the best peculiarities of HID proximity cards is that they don’t have to be inserted into the reader in order to exchange information. Conversely, smart cards need to network with a card reader to be validated. Smart cards store encoded data in a small microchip that is installed to the card in a little chip. To utilize a HID proximity card, you simply need to hold it near to an electronic reader unit for a short minute. There’s no compelling reason to embed it into a reader gadget, or to try and take out the card from your wallet, as you can just hold your wallet close to the reader. In the wake of reading the card, the electronic reader makes a beep sound to show that the card has been identified.

Proximity cards don’t have an internal power source, so there’s no compelling reason to utilize batteries. These contact-less ID cards are simple and quick to utilize, settling on them a famous pronouncement in proximity innovation. As there are various customizable choices accessible, it’s critical to assess your decisions deliberately before requesting HID proximity cards. You’ll have to think about card formatting and appearance options to help you focus your office necessities before making a request. It’s essential to discover a suitable HID prox format and part number that fits your access control system. Check your HID framework to discover the right prox format. When you’ve distinguished the right base part number, the following step is selecting your programming details. After that, you’ll have to pick your card reach and office code. Whatever design you crave, HID can no doubt coddle your remarkable needs.

Simple Solutions To Your Card Printing Problems

thermal-card-printer-500x500The task of getting the best HID access cards printed does not end at shopping for the best or the most popular ID card printer. After all, it is a machine and demands regular upkeep. Brands known for their premium quality printers too experience technical snags, if not maintained well. However, it needn’t bother you as there are solutions to overcome these trivial problems and complete the printing task at hand. The following two are the most common ones:  Continue reading



A business has a lot of sensitive and confidential information to guard. Not only this, the safety of the associates is the responsibility of the business. Thus, security is a key concern, rather it must be a priority, for every business irrespective of its nature or the scale at which it operates. HID proximity access control cards might be just what you need to add a buffer of security at your workplace. These simple plastic cards allow you to setup a full-proof security system minus the complexity and the additional costs.

In order to take full advantage of the security features of HID proximity security cards, it is essential to first understand what HID security cards are and how the system works. An HID card has a special microprocessor inserted into the plastic card that can be read by a Radio Frequency (RF) reader. When the card is printed, it is encoded using an encoder which could be an ID card printer. The microprocessor has personal information about the card holder stored on it. The information included is unique to every organization’s format. When run below a reader, the information stored on the microprocessor on the HID proximity access control cards is exchanged with the system and the identity of the person is verified. Continue reading