Smart Proximity Cards Sort Out Complex College Security Programs

proximity-systemColleges must deal with a very complex security setup that includes a combination of physical access control to buildings and labs as well as logical access control to virtual intelligence and internal networks. The underlying security solution must not interfere with providing convenient and functional procedures for a blend of administration professionals, educators, students, and other individuals on the campus. More and more often, proximity cards are being used in these types of settings with great success.

For a truly diverse solution, HID iCLASS contactless smart cards offer a range of possibilities that extend beyond simple proximity cards to applications, which incorporate various other programs into a more comprehensive answer. By incorporating smart card technology, a university or college is able to control a greater variety of security concerns – from access to various buildings, offices, and areas to maintaining an accurate student cantina tab, bookstore account, or even laundry funds. What’s more, cards like the 1386lggmn enable custom color artwork to be printed through an easy to operate ID card printer making this solution a preferable application for basic to advanced campus ID cards. It’s affordable, manageable, and makes sense for today’s complex security solutions. These card printers have truly evolved in the past decade and are now extremely easy to operate and maintain. Even ribbon changes have been simplified to an easy, drop-in cartridge format.

Simple Solutions To Your Card Printing Problems

thermal-card-printer-500x500In finding the best ID card printer for your HID access card needs, you have scoured the web and thought it was going to be a happy ending. If the devices are not maintained the way they should be, you will encounter some problems at some point, even with good quality brands.

The good news is, there are practical solutions that can help you with small problems such as these two mentioned below:

When the printer ribbon breaks

Gathering of custom information for each card, double checking the database information, designing and laying out of the card, up to the part where you have to start printing them out entails the long process for the ID card making system. It could be very frustrating if you’ve done all the steps but just when you’re about to print out the cards, the printer ribbon breaks and you can no longer proceed with creating the HID access cards that you need. What should you do in this predicament? Roll the ribbon forward so that the cards can be printed with the ribbon until the entire of it has been used up. To prevent this from happening again, use the cleaning kit that comes with it to clean the printer. Card feed errors, print head dirt causing stains on the card, and many more could be prevented. Be extra careful in making the designs for the cards. One of the causes for the ribbon break is the over the edge design of a card. Similar problems could result from using dark colors.

When bar codes do not work when scanned

One of the common problems that people encounter after they are already done printing the cards is that the bar code that won’t work when scanned. Incorrect driver settings is one of the reason for this. The ID card should be printed by true resin black process and not a composite card process. If the settings that you have used are not so accurate, pull out the ribbon from the printer. After printing the card, examine the panel of the ribbon. If there are places in the panels that look like bar code, then you have done composite printing which would not allow the bar code to be scanned effectively. Go back to the printing settings and set the tab to K-resin black for the bar code. Click “Apply” to make sure you have saved the new settings.

Go for topnotch brands

Problems can be avoided with proper precaution just like the two mentioned above. Another way to ensure that you have a problem-free ID card printing endeavor is to go for topnotch brands like Fargo, Evolis, and Zebra Printer. It would not fail you because you are assured of excellent quality.

You still have to do proper maintenance of the printers and do your own work. High quality printers are available online for a cheaper price like a Zebra printer.

Know More About Improving The Security Opportunities Through HID Proximity Card

getimagebyidSecurity is a factor that every business has to include in their planning, whether it refers to a small business operation or major corporation. This demand for security helps in securing the safety of all of your associates, in addition to meeting any concerns which could exist with business protection. When your company has a focus on the demand associated with security, look to take advantage of the opportunities which could exist with HID proximity access control cards. Through this unique security control device, a company would discover the best opportunity to maximizing their security attempts, while simplifying the process regarding security identification.

Its extremely essential to know the basic understanding on how his system would actually work so as to know all the opportunities that exists with the HID proximity cards. Several companies have a high level of turnover and promotion so it is important to use the right software and also printers associated with HID card generation. Through this simple process, you’ll be capable of photographing your associates, document essential information on these individuals, and then produce HID proximity access control cards which identify each particular individual. All these cards will then permit individuals to move freely around your company location, allowing them access into areas they’re allowed to go to and preventing them from accessing any unauthorized areas. This can be done with either use of security checkpoints or else electric locks that identify several security levels.

With the understanding of how a HID proximity cards system actually works, the next item to identify is found in the features provided with these cards. On the card itself, a company has an opportunity to print photos, names, titles, and any other pertinent information relevant to security. These cards can also have a magnetic strip, barcode, or embedded chip that could be utilized by card readers to identify employees and security levels. This serves as the most cost-effective and efficient solution available to a company seeking to maximize security opportunities. In addition to identifying whether an associate is authorized to enter various areas, the software associated with each HID proximity access control cards will also record the location of your associates as they move to and from various areas.

The information that is recorded by your software will help in monitoring security check points and identifying areas of possibility for a company to improve productivity. All this could be achieved when a company invests in its own safety and security, with the utilization of HID proximity cards and the systems associated. So as to start taking advantage of this possibility, its important you identify a reliable resource that could provide you with all of the necessary technology associated with this unique opportunity.

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